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Fingerprint Encryption

1. Fingerprint Encryption USB Disk ,this is a USB memory stick equipped with biometric authentication technology and secure storage space. Prevents information leakage of important data even if lost or stolen by any chance. The fingerprint needs to be authenticated in order to read the encrypted data of the USB memory. .


2. High-Speed & Accurate Identification - recognition rate reaches to 99% and only takes 0.3 seconds to verify fingerprint. No need to install the driver, plug and play.Support 360 degrees all-round to unlock .USB stick that can be shared by 10 people,max 10 fingerprints can be added, and the administrator can add / modify / delete other 9 fingerprints as needed. .


3. alloy Material .High speed transfer is realized. Reading up to 20 megabytes per second, writing Speed 8 megabytes per second, Whole metal material, quality assurance, greatly enhance the fingerprint U disk life, give you a better feeling in hand and protection. .

Public and Encryption

4. This USB memory is partitioned into two sectors (public sector and encryption sector). Users can access the public sector data as soon as the USB memory is plugged into the computer. However, using authenticated fingerprints, you can access data in encrypted sectors. The capacity of public sectors and encryption sectors can be assigned by the administrator user. Also, users can maximize the capacity of encryption sectors to store personal and confidential information. Users wit .

Support software

5. Support Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Linux, MacOS,etc. Note: Our fingerprint management software does not support adding fingerprints on MacOS, but you can use flash drives on MacOS. In other words, you can add fingerprint management software fingerprints on Windows or other systems and use them on MacOS. .


6. Type:16 GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB.

Some product pictures

Some of the pictures are products that protect your personal files by a new type of technology that protects data through a fingerprint.

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MSA is a move forward for developing technology applications that make life easier for us. In the era of technology, we want to be the leading supplier of unique and efficient products that are produced by the elites of different countries, and we develop it and make it available to everyone. .

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